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Pass by Reference vs Pass by Value

The first time I heard the phrase "Pass by Reference vs Pass by Value," I paid no attention to it. I thought it was just one of those "JavaScript quirks" I would eventually read about for curiosity's sake.

I didn't believe it was something essential for me as a beginner. Shouldn't I be concentrating on functions, loops, and stuff?

How mistaken I was 😱

I have since learned that the concept of reference values is fundamental to EVERYTHING. Without it, there would be no functions, no objects, no prototypal inheritance, and no closures. In fact, I struggle to think of a single pattern in JavaScript application development that doesn't depend on its existence.

In this concise course, we will investigate precisely what we mean by pass by reference vs. pass by value. Using visual models and storytelling, we will uncover some truly remarkable aspects of objects and understand why so much relies on a clear distinction between primitives and references.

What you will learn:

The difference between primitive values and references

What is a primitive value? We will explore the parallel universe that constitutes a JavaScript environment.

How objects work: What they are and how we utilize them

Are you ready to comprehend objects inside and out? We can visualize these structures in our code and understand how they interact with values.

Building a model of reference values

Armed with imagimodels, we will put pen to paper and sketch our code. This step is crucial for the learning and memory process and will solidify what we have learned so far.

Recognizing references in common JavaScript patterns

With this fresh perspective, we will examine practical examples where developers apply this concept.

Visualizing object cloning

After investigating the risks of unintentional mutation, we will delve deeply into the process of object cloning. Visual models will help explain this unforgettable concept.

Applying cloning

Cloning is a vital tool in every developer's toolkit, and we will spend time putting into practice all that we have learned.

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