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The Syncer Program

Banner. The Syncer Program: Level Up With Visual & Memorable JavaScript. Launching 20th February 2024

Level Up With Visual & Memorable JavaScript

This course will give you a firm foundation to continue learning intermediate/advanced web development. Together we journey through an imagined JavaScript universe, with one ultimate objective: providing you with a blue print to build applications.

The course is NOW LIVE🚀

Visit this page:

When exactly can I join?

20th February 2024

7pm UK time

2pm Eastern Time

What is the price?

$157.00 USD

Will the course remain open?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure the best experience for everyone, I am limiting the number of students, and enrollment will close on Sunday, 25th February.

Is this course aimed at beginners or intermediates??

If you are brand new to JavaScript, or still learning the basic fundamentals for the first time, this course is not for you. It is meant to help anyone "level up" their skills and not to learn from scratch.

If you've started trying to build vanilla JS projects but currently stuck, or you possess basic knowledge and feel ready to advance, this course is perfect for you.

Read the Roadmap to JavaScript Professional, which explains exactly where The Syncer Program fits in on your journey.

Does it require a lot of actual coding?

Yes. The Great Sync is not a shortcut. It's an effective learning method, but nothing beats the hours you put in behind the code editor. I provide code exercises throughout, and every section has a "Mental Model Applied" section.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Building a mental model cannot be achieved with a checklist. It is about time spent immersing yourself in each concept. Instead of aiming for X number of pages/sections per day, take this approach

  1. Aim for consistency. Minimum 1 hour a day, but 2-3 would be ideal.
  2. Do ALL the exercises and section projects, and post them here
  3. After finishing a page or section, REFLECT. Write down the main takeaways, and any uncertainties. Read a blog or watch a youtube tutorial on the same topic if you're not 100% comfortable. Run code in your inspector. Play

Focus on immersion, practice and consistency

Is there something missing?

Please email it to me at

Can't wait to see you in The Syncer Community and get started building a solid mental model of JavaScript!

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