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Hi, I'm Kylo

I'm a Break-Through JavaScript Coach, and a full-time Senior Developer.

I use a visual and mnemonic teaching approach to help you build a mental model of JavaScript fundamentals.

I call it The Great Sync.

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The Great Sync JavaScript Mental Model

Are you worried your fundamentals are lacking? Sign up for a free resource: A Visual Deep Dive Into JavaScript Objects.

The Great Sync JavaScript Mental Model

Are you worried your fundamentals are lacking? Sign up for a free resource: A Visual Deep Dive Into JavaScript Objects.

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Can't REMEMBER the fundamentals?

By creating a mnemonic representation of all concepts, you can easily recall them and understand them. The best part? You carry it everywhere in your imagination.

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Can't APPLY the fundamentals?

Put aside the never-done-before idea in your head. I will show you how to first build projects that reveal patterns you can use to build anything you want!


Imposter syndrome is at its most powerful in the early stages of learning. A strong mental model combined with building the right projects will give you confidence in your skill as a developer.

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You CAN do this!

I didn't study computer science. I didn't find it easy. I struggled with JavaScript. But I kept going, and I can help you do the same!

I was blown away by the effectiveness of his unique teaching method. Kylo unleashes the full power of imagination to work through JavaScript concepts and challenges.
Daniel Healy
Kylo does an amazing job breaking down complex JavaScript syntax so it is simple and easy to understand. The stories and illustrations really helped me.

Learn JavaScript
with The Great Sync


I'm Kylo. I am a JavaScript developer, and have been for many years. That said, I am not a guru. I have not worked for Google.

What I can say is that I am someone who needed a way to 'level up' in JavaScript.

When I first started I threw myself into building things - anything and everything - as you should! As a visual learner, seeing my creations was incredibly satisfying.

Soon though, I began notice big gaps in my understanding. I still felt like I didn't have a full grasp of Javascript fundamentals. I just couldn't fit all the pieces together.

The truth? I still found javascript hard. There were some things I did not understand fully, or couldn't wrap my mind around at all.

And that's when I began The Great Sync - a single, powerful resource which exposed the bare bones of JavaScript, all living in my imagination. It could be referred back to whenever I was stuck or confused. It broke down the difficult concepts, and tied everything together.

I have relied on it to grow my knowledge of the language, and have used it to coach many junior and aspiring devs.

I would love for you to make it your own, to build it brick by brick, function by function, and create a visual mental model of the language that lasts forever.

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