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Congratulations on completing Flying Ships & Object Cloning 🎊🥳🙌.

Hopefully you have a gained insight into how imagination can help improve your javascript skills. This way of learning does not mean you can skip the required hours of coding you need to build up experience. Believe me, there are no short cuts.

That said, the challenge with learning web development today is establishing a 'road map'. There are so many resources, so many courses out there. What The Great Sync tries to do is create a reference point for all of your learning - all of the courses, projects, tests and interviews you will do. It is something you can use to refer back to no matter what course or project you take on. And most importantly, you can build it up over time with experience.

There is still so much I want to show you. As I said in the video, we have barely touched the surface of The Great Sync. Imagine having images and environments that explain:

  • closures
  • object inheritance
  • constructors
  • asynchronous programming
  • promises
  • ...and more

This is what I am working on, and I am so excited to soon release it into the world. In the mean time, here are 💥 five 💥 actions you can take:

1. Download this 30 Page PDF

My gift to you is this PDF you can download and keep forever, as a constant reference point to the visuals we use for objects. All of the images and analogies used in this course are in there.

3. Quiz yourself

Here is a short quiz covering most of the topics in this short course. They are the kind of questions you will find in an interview (well, maybe not the ones which refer to genies and ships 🤣 ). The aim here is not to get every question correct! That's not what we set out to do when we started this course. Instead, the aim is to practise looking at the code differently. Try interpret the code visually using The Great Sync, and then apply your javascript knowledge. If you get the answer wrong, then GREAT. It's testing your mental model. Go back and figure out where the misunderstanding lies.

4. Spread the word

If you found this approach to learning interesting, please share it wherever you can - on social media, in other course forums or any communities you are part of. The support considerably helps drive and improve the content I create, which on top of a full time job as a developer is not the easiest. Please help me so I can continue to help you 🙏


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5. What do you think?

Your opinions and feedback on the course help me SO MUCH. I really, really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, about The Great Sync and what you have learnt so far. Please answer these few questions.

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