Flying Ships & Object Cloning - a short course

I am very excited to announce that this free short course, Flying Ships & Object Cloning, has finally been released 🥳

For a while this content existed in email-form only, and I have tried my best to consolidate it, improve the material and provide written + video explanations. It is now ready for liftoff, and gives away:

✉️ 8x emails delivered 2 days apart

💡 5 in depth blog posts

🖼️ 20+ illustrations

📝 30 page PDF for download at the end

🧞 Infinite genies, 🚢 infinite flying ships, 🏝️ and countless exotic islands

There are two main goals I have for this course:

1. Introduce creative visual learning

I want to show you that by using story, memorable characters and imagined fantasy worlds, we can add a visual layer to javascript that helps us interact with the concepts in a completely different way.

Drawing on location-based mnemonic techniques for visualising and embedding information, well designed analogies can help you connect the dots and 'see the bigger picture' - and at the same time help with memorising and recalling concepts.

This short course will give you a small glimpse into how this can be achieved.

It can seem silly, ridiculous and unbelievable at times. All the ingredients needed to make something unforgettable 😂

If you would like to hear more about my journey, visit the home page or listen to a podcast on Code Newbie I feature in.

2. Learn about values a whole new way

This course will focus a lot on values- in particular objects. I am so often surprised by even experienced developers who have misunderstandings about the nature of values. Too often we think about them as simply a means to an end - the things you need to move around to get your programs to work.

But early on in my career I learnt the hard way that without a firm understanding of the environment and the contents of a program, you are like a builder with all the best tools but no understanding of the materials you're using.

By the end of the course you will have a firm understanding of:

1. Primitive values

2. Memory and storage of values - by the javascript engine, and by you the developer.

3. Passing by value vs passing by reference

4. Pointers in programming

Help me spread the word 🙏

I am someone who once believed 'coding is not for me'. My background was as far from computer science as you can get. But my story is not unique. There are so many of us out there on the cusp of giving up, who if just given a chance to look at javascript with new eyes, with a new perspective, can gain confidence when reading or writing code.

Please help me reach more developers - beginners and intermediates - who would greatly benefit from this material. Thank you!

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