How to write composable code

I am excited to give you another glimpse into The Great Sync course content, and what you can expect.

In the previous post, I showed you an example of a case study -you can see it at the bottom of this page. Case studies are incredibly important while learning Javascript, even if you are a beginner. We need to see how the concepts and theory we are learning are actually used in the real world.

The bottom line is, understanding javascript concepts through analogy and imagimodels is not enough. We also need to apply these concepts.

The aim of the course is to help you write good code - code that you would be proud to include in your portfolio. Using memorable imagimodels, we can now look at javascript with perspective and craft it into DRY, readable and well-structured code.

This is an example of such content. PLEASE can you tell me if you liked it / didn't like it? There is a little form at the bottom of the page. I really need to know if this is something that excites you, or if there is something about the video you didn't like.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it and learn something new 🏆🏆🏆

In case you missed it

Here is another sneak peak from the course on understanding the mechanics of Javascript operations, using visual analogy and mnemonic learning.

What do you think?

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