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The Syncer Program: Release Announcement

Finnnnaaaaallllllly 🥳🥳🥳.

I have a confirmed date for the release of the course. What is it called?

The Syncer Program: Level-Up With Visual & Memorable Javascript

More details will be shared over the next few weeks, but as the name suggests, the objective of this course is crystal clear: to elevate your JavaScript skills to the next level. Designed for beginners (not complete novices, though—you should have a basic understanding of the fundamentals), as well as intermediates, it aims to instill the confidence needed to build vanilla JavaScript applications and recognize patterns even in other libraries.

Course Release Date: 30th July

If you’re thinking, ‘well that’s still weeks away’ - you’re right! It is. But we all know time flies. I am working on making this course the best it can possibly be.

Course Contents

The moment we've all been eagerly awaiting! Here's an overview of the course, including its main chapters. I will soon unveil the exact subchapter details for each section, but for now, let me provide a brief description of the goals we aim to achieve in each:

1. How to learn Javascript visually & memorably

Before delving into JavaScript itself, we focus on the most effective ways to learn it. We explore mnemonic learning techniques, the challenges of approaches like memory palaces, and what aspects we truly need to memorize to become proficient professionals.

2. Step into the flow of a javascript program

Using never-before-seen visual models of the Javascript engine, we understand what flow is, how we direct it, and what lives in it. Above all, I go through a senior-level approach to building atomic expressions and creating DRY, readable code.

3. A deep dive into objects and functions

Leveraging detailed visual models, we understand exactly what objects are, including their construction, best practices, and usage techniques. This eincludes a comprehensive understanding of loop patterns, the distinctions between inheritance and composition, a deeper look at what's inside a function and makes them "special", and the precise execution process behind creating a call stack.

4. Learn the universal pattern for apps

This is when things become exciting. Using what we have learnt so far, we piece together JavaScript concepts and apply them to application development. We uncover a general pattern used to construct any application, even those built with frameworks like React. We actively code this pattern, while always relating it back to a visual portrayal of the Document Object Model (DOM) and callback patterns. Additionally, we explore how and when closures can be used within this pattern and their role in application development.

5. Step out of the flow with async & promises

What exactly does "asynchronous" mean? Through intricate visual models that incorporate previously learned concepts, we unravel the workings of asynchronous operations, demystify the event loop, and build applications around it. We then delve into promises, understanding the problems they solve and incorporating them into the "universal pattern" introduced in the previous section.

And that's it for now folks

I just have one really important question for you before you before you go:

How does that all that sound to you? Are you excited by this or not? Please give me specifics about what you hope a course like this will achieve for you?

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