The Syncer Program launches on Sunday

If you are a subscriber to The Great Sync, you will have already seen this in last week's email. But if you missed it, or you only recently subscribed, here are some FAQs for The Syncer Program.

FAQs for The Syncer Program

How much does it cost?

The course is priced at$97.
However, if you're a subscriber, I have great news for you. Since it's our very first launch, and to express my gratitude for your support throughout this journey, you will receive a special41% discount, bringing the price down to approximately$57. This offer will never be available again.

When does the course go live?

Sunday, 30th July

- 9 am Pacific Time (USA)

- 11 am Central Time (USA)

- 12 pm Eastern Time (USA)

- 5 pm GMT+1 (UK)

- 8 pm Gulf Standard Time (Dubai)

- 6 pm GMT+2 (South Africa)

Will the course remain open?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure the best experience for everyone, I am limiting the number of students, and enrollment will close on Thursday, 3rd August.

Is this course aimed at beginners or intermediates?

The Syncer Program is designed with one aim in mind: to help you gain the confidence and fundamental knowledge to build projects at a high standard. Whether you've started trying to build vanilla JS projects but currently stuck, or you possess basic knowledge and feel ready to advance, this course is perfect for you. Much of it focuses on "senior-level" best practices. It's not just about learning concepts, but applying them.

What if I am an absolute beginner?

As the name suggests, the course is meant to help anyone "level up" their skills and not to learn from scratch. Of course, The Great Sync offers a visual learning experience, making it easier to grasp basic fundamentals. It will provide you with a solid foundation and could be a perfect supplement to other courses and programs geared towards raw beginners. However, you might also find it valuable to revisit later on in your journey once you have more fluency with the language.

How much of the course is video-based?

If you've read my content you'll know I'm a big proponent of immersive learning. This course comprises:

- 🎥 Video: 40+ videos, each between 5 and 10 minutes

- 📝 Written explanations: 80+ pages

- 🖼️ Illustrations: 30+ imagimodels

Throughout the course, you'll read beginner code, correct your own code, search for patterns in library source code, and even draw code. We'll take a JavaScript call stack and visualize it line by line. Immersion is the key.

What are imagimodels?

Imagimodels refer to "visual models" within the imagined universe of The Great Sync. They represent, explain, and connect JavaScript concepts. You can think of them as the glue that binds what we're learning. We'll weave in and out of them, using them to help us understand and remember key concepts. They form the mnemonic foundation of the course - the tree of knowledge we'll grow together.

Does it require a lot of actual coding?

Yes. The Great Sync is not a shortcut. It's an effective learning method, but nothing beats the hours you put in behind the code editor. I provide code exercises throughout, and every section has a "Mental Model Applied" section.

Are all the chapters ready?

When the course goes live, the last section on "Exploring Async" will not be ready. It is scheduled for release in September (included in the course price). Don't worry; there's more than enough content to work through before then.

Is there something missing?

I am going to include a list of FAQs that go on the course signup page, which goes live on Sunday. If you have a question you would like included, add it in the form below.

Can't wait to see you in The Syncer Community and get started building a solid mental model of JavaScript!

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